I grew up in Perry Hall, Maryland and my main vocation has been in metalworking. I am a machine operator/mechanic for Murray Corporation. Since 1982 I have been a welder, machine operator, truck body/generator shelter builder, and a sheet metal mechanic, among other things: "When it came to making things out of metal, I pretty much did it all."

 While a resident of Maryland's Eastern Shore in the late 1990s, I owned my own video store, and also dabbled in video services. I did video editing for a company that produced learning videos for airport screeners.

    From around 1991 to 1995 I ran a Halloween attraction, "The Haunted Yard," at my Randalstown home. I designed and built the displays from scratch. There were no live actors - everything was mechanical and activated by visitors' bodies. This was a free display that I did for kids to have a safe place to have fun. I invested about $8,000 and thousands of man hours into the display. (Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.)
    In my teenage years, I made a few Super 8 short horror films. I have always been fascinated with how movies are made and special effects are created.

    I joined the film company
with the movie
and am the company's key production grip. I custom-build special grip apparatus and generally maintain all of the lighting and mechanical equipment used during production. I am also TimeWarps WebMaster, taking care of the website.

Interesting facts:

•I like horror and sci-fi films -
     The first film that really scared me in theaters
      was Jaws.


•I like classic rock, top 40, and pop -
      Pretty much anything with  a really good beat
       that makes ya want to tap your foot

•I like working with my hands.
I do my own electrical, auto, house, computer repairs - I will work on & repair anything that needs it.

•I have never been married - "I never wanted to be yet".

•The thing that bothers me the most are liars -
"If you can't just say the truth, say nothing at all".
•I am a non-smoker -
"Have been with smokers and no big deal as long
as it's not in a smoke filled closed up room.


•My hobbies are working with computers (HTML, Surfin the web, Upgrading, Video editing & SFX)
Working on my truck, Home Repairs - Just about anything that deals with working with my hands.

•I am not into "Games" or all that "Internet Drama" -

If you have any, keep it to yourself and
leave me out of it !!!!




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